Your Happy Money Journey

Your relationships, health, fitness, and personal goals. Finances, career growth, hobbies, and social growth. Work on being the best version of yourself.
I will focus on giving you insight into how these can all relate to one another and what you can do to make sure you set realistic goals for yourself.

How to Buy a House

How To Buy a House is a new Australian podcast hosted by Clover Financial’s founder Phoebe Blamey, a qualified mortgage broker based in Melbourne. Phoebe breaks down your money mindset and personal finance goals in a way that is relatable, fun, and super easy to understand. It’s like catching up with a friend over a coffee.

Our goal is to take the fear out of finance and help you live life on your own terms. Listen to our podcast with the peace of mind that every episode is put together by a team of independent mortgage brokers. We’re kicking things off with the First Home Buyers’ Club episode, where we’re sharing interviews with everyone from conveyancers to builders.

Podcast Appearances