Meet Phoebe.

 I went from broke and broken up with to a brilliant award winning financial services business and living my richest life, as the best selling (check me out here or on Amazon…or your local bookstore!).

I am dedicated to freeing people from financial shame and blame and getting on with living your best life.  It’s easy when you realise money is simply a tool to bring you joy!

If you would like to get to know me better have a listen to the podcast, look at our blog or come to one of our workshops…there are so many ways you can get on your own Happy Money Journey! I get that it’s a combination of your mindset and some really practical skills that help you get on top of your money game.

I have over 20 years of experience in financial services. I am the founder of Clover Financial Solutions, and as a former Financial Planner, I have a  Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning (attained in January 2022) and has successfully completed the FASEA exam. I also have my MBA and a Graduate Certificate in Coaching, in other words I am your expert!

I want you to live your best and richest life…unapologetically!

My team and I have developed courses that help you get on top of the basics, set yourself up in business, or smash debt, using tried and tested methods that have helped hundreds of clients on their own journey. 

We also write a weekly newsletter and blog to keep you on track of your very own happy money journey.


Is your money in need of a makeover? Do you feel everyone is on to a secret about money that you have missed? You are NOT ALONE and we have designed a mini money makeover just for you. It starts with your mindset and moves into practical doable steps that help set you up for MONEY SUCCESS! 


The Happy Honeys on a Happy Money Journey is our exclusive group for all of you who need a smiling face, encouragement and a reminder of what you are doing RIGHT with your money. 

Join our community and find fearless women (and men) living their richest life, unapologetically! 


Phoebe hosts two podcasts,
Your Happy Money Journey & How to Buy a House and has been featured on many others!

Phoebe breaks down your money mindset and personal finance goals in a way that is relatable, fun, and super easy to understand. It’s like catching up with a friend over a coffee. 

I have absolute faith in Phoebe’s abilities. She has expert knowledge of her products and is well-connected within her industry. She combines this with a very genuine care for people and a passion for ensuring her customers delight.

Jeannette Lang

Executive Director, Peppermint Consultants and Productive People

Tips + Tricks

Are you spending to fit in?

I have been thinking about loneliness a bit lately, and how spending time and money in certain circles is not filling my cup, in fact it might be increasing disconnection.   Loneliness isn't just a feeling; it's a phenomenon that impacts our spending habits, often...

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Cleaning out your closet

I have just come back from a long weekend in  Apollo Bay for Easter, and I was thinking about how good I am at packing but how bad I am at having a minimalist dream capsule wardrobe –  see the last 10 years of my Pinterest!! Decluttering isn't just about organizing...

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Top three strategies to conquer debt!

So, this week I have been doing the recording for our debt demolition course, which is part of our mini money makeover course. One of the things that we've worked on in the mini money makeover is going through and sorting out our mindset first and then working from...

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Lightbulb moment! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The message of this book is clear and logical. The accompanying workbook is brilliant in its effort to encourage the participant to actually go through the self-analysis that will bring understanding and build financial confidence. Financial skills are not taught in most schools and only sometimes passed on by parents – this book remedies many of our educational deficiencies and does it well. Even though it focusses on women – men can learn too!


Amazon Review

Common sense help

This is a must read for people who need help with budgeting, identifying savings and purchasing a house. There is a workbook that accompanies the Happy Money Journey which is very helpful in identifying expenses, financial details and paying down your debt. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking to save for a house and getting their financial affairs under control.

Linda Sorrell

Amazon Review

Articles & appearances

TV and Video Appearances

In 2020, Phoebe shared her finance insights for women as a guest Ticker’s She’s The Boss.

Radio Guest

Phoebe is proudly JOY FM’s money expert, appearing on air monthly with advice, tips and tactics for money management.