Welcome 2023 … no new years resolutions for me!

Its resolution time – I am sure you have seen there are so many diet ads out right now! At this time of year we dedicate ourselves to losing weight, finding love, getting rich, or doing something that involves a massive transformation from who we are to who we want to be.

When you’re setting those sort of resolutions, you are feeding into the, I’m not enough, I’m not good enough, I’m not pretty enough, I’m too fat, I’m unlovable and I’m poor. The first and easiest change is your mindset.  The reason I think that we get into some really bad money habits is because we’re craving safety, security, and certainty and its easy to fill that void with stuff and  food and drinking.

A new year doesn’t mean ‘new year, new me’. Be your authentic self with ambition to get better at managing things you may need to work on.

Whether it’s your money, building a new relationship with yourself, or learning how to cook a new dish, you do you boo!

A quick few questions that help me reset at the beginning of the year, like;

What is my ideal life?

Where do I live? Who with?

What work am I doing?

Then start moving your mindset from, “I’m not good enough” or “I’m not doing enough” or “I’m not happy enough or rich enough or whatever”  to my living my best life, am I doing my very best things am I enjoying the stuff, the home, relationships that you have now. If they are not serving your vision then you have to ask why they are in your life? Is it because you think change will be too hard?

I have a secret… I can look at your bank statements and see the direct debit for the unused gym membership and a daily uber eats / café / fast food debit and I can tell you right now where you need to make a change!

You do not seriously think that if you pay for gym membership and eat enough take away you will suddenly get fit, do you? So why do we behave in a way that is contrary to what we want?

Is your WHY meaningful?

You want to lose weight because you want to be fitter or healthier or do you want to lose weight because you want to look like a model? If you know why you’re doing something and you sit down and examine that, your why and what you are getting from the goal becomes clear. It can also be easier to move toward something rather than away from it.  YOU can see how getting fit makes you healthier, and good health makes you feel safe.  Once you know how your goal is going to serve you it’s easy to make the change.

The change can be quick and not hard because it’s part of your vision, its part of become your authentic real self.

So no more resolutions for me.

What I have now is a vision for what I want this year to be for me and some of the things that I want to achieve in this year. Then I can see the small things, the everyday things that I need to put in place to get there and what are some of the markers of my destination, those markers of my destination are my goals.

This year grab your vision!

Jump in, dive in, do the things that you want to do to make the changes in your life that you want to make, to live the life that you’ve imagined. Flow in the direction of your dreams, not my dreams, not someone else’s dreams, but your very own real bubbly authentic you-ness, and enjoy the journey!

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