The Cost of Staying the Same!

You’ve decided to grow, now what? You may feel some growing pains. But as Theodore Roosevelt said ‘nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty…’ It can be a little more difficult for some rather than others when you start to plan your life out and pinpoint what it is you need to change. Use those things that make change uncomfortable and turn them into positives. New fears mean new goals and new goals = growth!

I’m a big believer in looking after your money is an act of self-love! What’s better than loving yourself or financially learning how to?

Looking after your money and setting it as a number one priority will help you to set long-term goals, give you stronger stability, and most importantly, help you grow and achieve your goals. Your goal could be wanting to travel anywhere in the world and experience a different culture, visit family, buy your first home, buy an investment property the list goes on. Every list is ideal for you and your wants and needs to feel like you’ve reached your potential.

What I find with people that aren’t good with money and that don’t prioritise their finances is their sense of power gets taken away. It’s so important to give yourself the opportunity to be in control.

Control = confidence! Confidence leads the way.

The things bringing you joy could be having money in your account to pay your mortgage, being able to pay your bills, and being able to do something as simple as go grocery shopping!

The real joy that drives us is being able to afford the enjoyable things in life like going out with your friends for a nice meal and drink, spoiling yourself with that dress or pair of shoes.

Playing small won’t get you these things, and if they do they won’t be sustainable till you learn to control your finances!  

Learning is everything in life. Especially when you learn how to take control of your life.

So don’t play small. You are worthy and you are worth it. Look for the joy in your spending, find the joy daily. And most of all enjoy the journey.

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