Let it grow, let it growwwww

I definitely have some goals that I wanted to achieve in the next year. My question to myself was how I was going to go about it, and what that was going to mean to me as far as the additional work or study that I needed to do.

It’s really important that we spend a little bit of time on our own growth and development no matter where we are in life. And that’s what I want to really dig deep into. How does growth and development make you feel about yourself? Do you feel like you are on the right road to self-development?

The reason I wanted to touch base on this topic is that several years ago I did my graduate certificate in financial planning and it reminded me of how much I really loved learning and formal learning as well. Not just getting on and doing a few courses, but really getting into some amazing opportunities to get postgraduate-type certificates. So, I started doing that. I’m doing one on one coaching at the moment that I’m really enjoying it! I’ve also done some business courses and what I’ve found is for me, they improve my skill and self-confidence.

Learning those new skills not only am I massively improving client outcomes but also, I’m committing to myself to stay curious, to learn, to grow, to do the things that keep us just alive and willing to make a real difference in something. It makes me feel deserving of the business that I get because I feel like I’m qualified to get it.

I feel more confident because I’m building my qualifications. It also gives me a feeling of control understanding what my business is doing, understanding what my money is doing, and understanding what my staff is doing.

I finally have a clear vision and plan for it.

The future, which is so important for you, and thinking what is it that motivates you and helps you grow? Use that and break it down into small achievable goals.

What does that then create for you in your life?

Just think about walking into a room and you got your head held high you’re smiling and feeling like you have achieved something, even something small. You’ve chosen growth! And that is HUGE!

Grow your money, grow through investments, make plans, and speak to your significant other about family plans, goals, and what you want in your financial life.

So, let’s start with what’s your vision. How would you like to be in the future? What does it look like to be the best version of you?

You’ve got this! I’ve got this with you!

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