How Productive Are You?

Productivity! What does it mean to you? I really wanted to open up to you about productivity and the value it brings to your everyday life. What I’m finding is when I get into that hustle mentality, the more I feel like I’m spinning my own wheels.

I started to think about some of the things that make me a little bit more productive, especially when I’m running my own business it’s important to remind myself not to get distracted by the holidays, ongoing public holidays and just the exhaustion life can bring. You are not alone! Learning how to become more productive isn’t f*cking easy, let’s be honest!

Let’s start with habit stacking. You can’t expect to transform all your productivity habits overnight. Focus on making small, incremental changes to see what works – and what doesn’t. DON’T PUSH YOURSELF! You will end up where you started.

Then there’s time management. A series of skills focused on helping you make the most of your time. To be productive, time spent on activities should also give you results. Know how you’re spending your time and stick to it! Avoid multitasking.

Once again, AVOID multitasking! It’s often tempting to try and multitask, juggling so many things at any one time can be so exhausting. Especially as a woman, I believe we particularly like to pride ourselves on our ability to multitask. But let’s face it, multitasking is impossible at times. We’re very good at thinking of the many things that we need to do. We’re very good at setting ourselves up to be juggling 30 balls in the air. We’ve got kids, we’ve got family, we’ve got partners, we’ve got homes, we’ve got jobs or study. But multitasking at that level can seem impossible if not exhausting. You aren’t at your best when you’re physically and mentally exhausted.

Set small goals. Large goals can feel intimidating and overwhelming, and we often overestimate how much time we need to invest. You can create forward momentum by breaking tasks down into manageable milestones. For example, set yourself even a daily goal, it might be bringing your lunch to work or making your coffee instead of buying it (because sh*t, when did buying a coffee, cost me a whole wage). This will set the pattern you need to start creating bigger goals. Be sure to make a list of your goals.

Feed your mind and soul! When we are prioritising we often forget that our minds and soul need love too. We can’t just expect to continue life living like robots. Read a book, listen to a podcast, go for a walk, and enjoy nature. Do things that make you truly happy. Taking time for yourself and even your family is probably the number one priority that will enable you to use the advice I’m giving you today.

Believe in yourself and your journey. Remind yourself that you are in control of your life and your money! You’ve got this!

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