Halfway through Feb? Say WHATTT!

We are now halfway through February!  How are you?

No, seriously how are you really…because I am feeling a lot of stress and scarcity out there in the world.  Interest rates, costs of living, stress, busy, work, kids, partners, money.  If you are self-employed February can be a lean month, coming off the back of about six weeks without much work. Employed and it’s all about getting our head back in the game.

And that can be hard!

Particularly if you are feeling stretched and overwhelmed by debt, bills, money, costs of living, getting kids back to school, getting back to work, and the hangover of family Christmas and all the drama that comes with that.

So I am asking; how are you?

What do you need right now to get yourself sorted out with all the shit you have to deal with at the moment?

I know when I feel depleted and off balance there are a few things that I like to do.  One is getting a few small things done – last night I attacked the linen closet. You know, refolded the sheets and towels, and got rid of a few things that I don’t need anymore – like beanbag covers (no teenagers at my place anymore). 😊 It’s a win – something I kept putting off, and needed to get into to get over with.

I realised something as I was doing it – one of the ways I feel wealthy is with a bit of order around me. I like to think of myself as a naturally messy person, but I am not sure that is a thing. I started to Marie Kondo myself over the Christmas break and slowly section by section I am moving through the house and realising that I hang on to a lot of things. Some of the things I hang on to are in the past.

When I was broke I used to dread not having enough of something, like money, toilet paper, washing powder…stuff! So now I have plenty, but as I am going through everything I realise that hanging on to stuff is a bit like hanging on to beliefs. When I think I am not doing enough, or being enough then instead of pushing myself to more stress that causes more imbalance I stop and sit or find something distracting. Like the linen cupboard.

Taking a moment helps me recentre, it makes things not matter as much, and it brings me back to myself.

Moments pass if you are feeling overwhelmed, depleted, and unable to catch up with all those little things on your to-do lists remember…these feelings are not forever, they are just right now! You will get to it, tomorrow, next week, whenever it’s needed.

What do YOU need right now?

Maybe it’s just a moment to sit, be kind to yourself (especially to yourself), relax, and let go.

Enjoy the journey!

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