Finding Financial Freedom

I was at dinner on Wednesday night with my friends and I asked them what they thought of financial freedom. It was stuff like being able to go on holidays when they wanted or being able to tap their credit card and not have to look at their bank account first. It’s just the small things. So being able to make choices with your money is their definition of financial freedom. As for me; financial freedom as having a level of financial certainty, but also the ability to grow or do whatever I like with my money. Its not being to be constrained by the thought of money being a consequence of any action that I take.

I am thinking about a quote that I’ve read this week which is, money can buy you happiness if you know what to do with it. And that to me was such a powerful quote because I listen to Sarah Prout and other people on the laws of attraction and manifestation and all that sort of stuff. I love that sort of stuff, I eat that sort of stuff up and I really like thinking of affirmations and law of attraction and the ability to manifest the life that you want as being a secret superpower that we all have. But if we’ve got that secret superpower, shouldn’t we all be laden with bundles and bundles of money?

But that’s not really what happens, is it?

We have scarcity and fear and o lack that often holding us back.

So if a bunch of money landed on us, would it actually give us freedom? What would we actually do with it? How would we spend it?

Financial freedom, I think for a lot of us, is something we look at as this big future focus, something that’s going to happen in time. I know that financial freedom is not accidental – its because of the small actions we take today to make sure we have enough for both now and in our future. I know this because the outcome for both may parents in retirement is so different and all can be traced back to small moves in planning for that retirement.  Its not just about retirement – its about now too. We need the certainty that financial freedom gives us so that we can grow.

For me freedom is just that – having resources that enable me to take risks.

The biggest impact is the way we think about money – how we talk about it and what some of our money blocks are. Taking the time to learn about money and how to use it is an act of self love.

Here are ten things to do on your journey to financial freedom!  

Understand your thoughts: Examine your money scripts and how they impact your financial outcomes.
Practice gratitude: Be grateful for what you have, shifting from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset.
Change your language: Avoid negative statements about money and focus on positive affirmations.
Take responsibility: Own your money and make conscious decisions about how you use it.
Track your spending: Understand where your money goes and identify areas where you can make changes.
Cut unnecessary expenses: Avoid small, frequent purchases that add up over time.
Set up accounts for success: Separate your spending money from your bills and savings to have a clear financial picture.
Manage your debt: Take control of your debts and create a plan to pay them off.
Act now for your future: Start saving for retirement or investing a little extra each month.
Set boundaries: Establish clear boundaries around your money and avoid falling into unspoken agreements.


If you work through one of these steps a day over the next 10 days it will change your relationship with money. Give it a try!

Set sail – start your journey, dream big and know what it is you want.


And enjoy your journey

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