Building Habits

Is it just me that feels like we skipped a month? January seemed to pass as a relaxing holiday blur of beach time and seeing friends and family…stuff that has been well overdue the past few years.

Between everything closing, the public holidays and just living carefree, did you feel like you were able to get to look at how you would like 2023 to be for you?  
So while we may have set intentions in January – February is the month of action and it’s also the month where it’s easiest to slip back into old behaviour.

Whether or not you were able to start your journey in January, let February be the month you can make a change. Even if it’s the smallest amount, take it on and make the small change that helps you create the new habit that, in years to come, will make a very big difference.

Creating new habits and systems seems like a mission in itself without putting the extra pressure on yourself to begin at 12:01 am on January 1st.

So what is it you want to change?  Spend less? Get fit?

Be easy on yourself and take control to create those small changes that make a big difference – even if it’s one less take-away coffee a day or going for a walk before work. 

One new habit we are trying to create for yourself is paying yourself back for spending blowouts. Over the holidays I’m sure we all spent small fortunes here and there. Whether or not you had planned on your spending limits ahead of time, let’s be honest, did you stick to your budget? (I sure as heck didn’t! ooops!).  So where I had spent $100 on lunch or $400 on clothes I am going to make that up in my savings.

So then I look at where I can cut back my spending to make up for that.   

My favourite is takeaway coffee and food.  Regular readers know I’ve been preaching about packing my lunches (which taste better than takeaway anyway) – I have literally saved about $70 a week (crazy right!).

Chose where you want to make the change.

So January has gone, February is where you make shit happen. So set your intention and start creating the change that heads you in the direction of your dreams.  It’s what you do from now that will make the world of difference to the rest of your year!

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