Back to School Hustle!

It’s back to school and the start of school for so many. I love this time of year – filled with hope and possibility and real joy. It’s all so unknown and exciting. We are loving all the happy snaps

If you have a child just starting school, you may have just been in for a world of expense! New uniforms, bags, lunch boxes, and a whole new world of grocery shopping!

You may have started a new job (new wardrobe), just returned from holidays (flights are so expensive right now), or just received your Christmas after paying or credit card bills (why!!!)

So yes, we are filled with possibilities, but this time of year can also be expensive!

As we fully jump into 2023 and routines start again, it’s also a good time to re-examine those things that you want to change or do differently. Creating habits around spending is so much easier than setting a budget that will no doubt be broken.

It’s also a new year with massively higher costs of living day to day and everything is new so give yourself some time to adjust to the newness.

I have set a few goals for this year, one of these for me is my health and this is completely linked to my money.

Think about it…

Buying takeaway food is more expensive than cooking at home not to mention it’s not so great for your health.

High in fat sugar and salt impacts our moods, sleep, and energy level.

So instead of letting the expense of this time of year get on top of you, make it an opportunity to create some new habits.

Meal prep – so easy to cook a few batches of things that can go into school lunches or can be taken to work for. Cooking some freezer-friendly food will be a massive help to not only saving $ but saving time. Get cooking for yourself. That way you know what you’re putting into your bodies. Kids also love joining in!

Move your body – 20 minutes a day of movement. Dance it out, walk the dog, go to the park after school, and you will reduce stress and gain focus.

Know what things cost – back to school may have brought with it the cost of after-school care, different transport costs, school fees, or contributions.  Know what these costs are and take a moment to ensure you can cover them.  Also, know what government entitlements change or stop.

Practice gratitude – getting caught up in what we don’t have or what we didn’t achieve is almost human nature. Instead of shame and blame look around at what you do have. Health, family, home, work and whisper a little thank you every day. (If you want to get serious you can journal it daily). Teach this habit to your children so they also appreciate what they have and hopefully stop the pressure for new toys!

If January was an expensive month, go frugal in February. Stop spending money on anything but the absolute essentials – no toys, treats, gifts, or new clothes. Keep it simple and enjoy what you have now.

Enjoy your journey! This year is for you!

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