Allies Not Rivals; Collaborating Over Competing

The mindset to collaborate (instead of compete) with likeminded businesses is becoming increasingly popular and for good reason! Working together rather than against each other, helps you achieve common goals and share success. I always say two brains are more powerful than one. And hey, three brains are more powerful than two! Being inclusive, open and honest with your approach fosters growth and empowers others to do the same. Women are generally nurturers by nature and when working together can lead each other to success. This feminine style of leadership values empathy, communication, and cooperation.

Being a leader is fulfilling in itself. It’s rewarding and energising to assist and care for others to help them reach their dreams. Seeing others thrive around you lifts you up if you have the right mindset. Being a part of their journey helps build your collaborative mindset. One of the key aspects of this mindset is the idea that there is enough success to go around. Shifting your view from rivals to allies welcomes support, advice and inspiration. Working together, sharing resources and open collaborating can help grow your business quicker, and often more harmoniously and sustainably.

We are working in a fast-paced era where you can’t possibly do it all yourself and expect big things. Changing dynamics, economic fluctuations and the ever-changing business landscape lends itself to team work, creativity and innovation. By teaming up with others who have similar audiences or offerings, businesses can cross-promote and tap into new markets or expand their reach. Sharing resources and knowledge with each other saves you time and energy, and often is a less expensive and sustainable way to operate. Leveraging each other’s strengths and pulling people up when faced with challenges can give you the confidence to expand and grow knowing you have the same support backing you. This sense of belonging can help combat the feelings of loneliness, helplessness and isolation that sometimes comes with being a solopreneur or business owner.

In this week’s podcast (Part 2) with Kirsty Allen from Candle Business Coach, she shares the importance of building a community where members can support and lift each other up to all succeed rather than view each other as competitors. “…This group gives other people permission to truly be themselves and to feel supported and connected with other candle makers.” To work together to find their own point of difference with the respect to not tread on toes, each member is encouraged to be authentic and true to themselves focusing on their own self-worth. From this, they can uncover their true unique selling point. Kirsty has created a safe space to share the wins and the hard times, learning and growing towards a better future. Her membership “fosters that community spirit and feeling connected to something bigger than yourself and bigger than your own business.” If you’re looking for motivation, practical advice, and a dose of inspiration, check out this week’s episode, it’s a must-listen. Kirsty’s journey and mindset will leave you feeling empowered to take the next steps in your own business endeavours.

So let’s take action! Let’s unite, mutually support, and share success all together! Join our Happy Honeys Facebook group to feel connected to likeminded people, sharing the ups and downs and learnings along our own happy money journey. As Happy Honeys, we focus on building relationships, fostering trust, working together to learn and grow. Embrace this mindset of collaboration over competition to create a more sustainable, fulfilling and prosperous future for ourselves, our businesses and our communities.

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